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The Mission and Vision


The Mission of the Cook County Southland Juvenile Justice Council of South Suburban Cook County Illinois, is to decrease juvenile delinquency in the South Suburbs through:

  • Establishing partnerships
  • Strengthening resources
  • Implementing diversion opportunities

The Vision of the Cook County Southland Juvenile Justice Council of South Suburban Cook County Illinois, is an empowered & thriving Southland Community with supportive resources & an absence of juvenile delinquency.

Restorative Justice Circles/ Practices/ Curriculum & Trainings Component:

Restorative Justice Circles provides a safe, place and opportunity for community members to address harmful behavior in a process that explores harms and needs, obligations, and necessary engagement. All parties, including the responsible parties, the impacted parties, the affected parties, and family and friends, come together to discuss their issues. CCSJJC facilitates the Circles and helps toward resolution to the satisfaction of all parties.

Community, Schools & Public Safety Component

CCSJJC has partnered and/ or funded school district and agencies that were seeking to implement and/or enhance their respective environments in a restorative and holistic manner. Reset rooms were created and/or enhanced, restorative trainings, workshops and curriculum were created, implemented and/or enhanced and trends to reduce chronic absenteeism/truancy were created, implemented and/or enhanced. All funded subgrantees and subcontractors provided SMART Goals, Logic Model and executed their plans and process for education in the design and delivery of the implementation and delivery process.

Chronic Absenteeism & Truancy Component

CCSJJC partnered with the South Cook Intermediate Service Center to address the chronic absenteeism/truancy that is plaguing South Suburban Cook County. Our partnership consisted of creating, implementing and/or enhancing tools, trends and processes utilized by school districts to reduce their numbers while engaging youth and their families holistically while providing any wraparound services and supports that would assist youth to return to school In an effort to achieve positive and inclusive relationships in an effective environment by ensuring youth and their families obtain emotional/social stability, graduate from high school, work toward self-sufficiency, and move forward in the world with pride and self-confidence with an education and a welcoming environment at school and home.

Employment & Leadership Training

This program provided training, internships, and job placement, while participants received program retention support, coaching, and study support for certification exams. These supports identified barriers to success and development of an Individual Service Strategy to eliminate barriers with a plan of action to successfully complete the employment training program(s). The leadership training entailed youth learning how to write a business plan and successfully pitch their plan in hopes of obtaining potential investors.

Mental Health Component

Youth supported one another resulting in a natural peer support network within the school setting.Caregivers are more empowered to partner with schools to support their children. Youth shifted from behaviorally acting out emotional distress to recognizing

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People Trained in Restorative Practices


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